Pop Up Mezcaleria Event


Pop Up Mezcaleria Event

Having fun with Susan from Los Mezcalistas!

Meet Max Garrone, one of the Mezcalistas.

It was great meeting Bricia Lopez.

Wait to hear and taste Elisandro’s artisanal mezcal! He just got to the Bay and he is about to bring his brand to the US.

Some of the art present at The Bold Italic

Meet Raza from Wahaka mezcal, Adrian from Cantina, Bricia Lopez from Guelaguetza and Jaime. (from left to right.)



Here’s the answer to our Agave Trivia:

Which kinds of Agave used for Mezcal in Oaxaca can only be carried by horse carts or mules and why?

R: Some of the Agaves that can only be carried by horse cart or mules are: Espadín, Tobalá Silvestre & Tobaziche because of the extreme areas where they naturally grow.