Pop Up Mezcaleria Event


Pop Up Mezcaleria Event

Having fun with Susan from Los Mezcalistas!

Meet Max Garrone, one of the Mezcalistas.

It was great meeting Bricia Lopez.

Wait to hear and taste Elisandro’s artisanal mezcal! He just got to the Bay and he is about to bring his brand to the US.

Some of the art present at The Bold Italic

Meet Raza from Wahaka mezcal, Adrian from Cantina, Bricia Lopez from Guelaguetza and Jaime. (from left to right.)

Mezcal in San Francisco. How and where to buy it.

You should also be selective with mezcal!

I just had a very interesting and dynamic dinner at a friend’s house. While some of us were eating some tomato and gluten-free pizza, others were trading locally farmed/organic/sustainable vegetables to make their dinner salad. We were all talking about our different preferences and how all these preferences were possible to get as one was on a liquid diet, the other was vegetarian, others could not eat gluten and the other was very keen about getting the best “Mexican” chocolate from Portland to make his rice milk hot chocolate. How is this all possible? Only in San Francisco…

One conversation carried to the other and we ended up talking about my passion for mezcal and this brought the attention of one of them who happened to like mezcal as well. She told me she had just started being into mezcal but did not know much about it, so she brought out a bottle of Del Maguey Vida that was gifted to her for her birthday, so I could tell her how good it was. I told them a little bit about the producer, Ron Cooper, who happened to be also friends with my friend’s dad. I told them how he was one of the ones who started importing mezcal to the United States and also told them the story behind this Vida mezcal. They were all into the story and also into the flavors of mezcal, but as we finished with this talk they told me they wished it became more popular so they could buy it everywhere. This was an eye opener for me since I realized how many people like mezcal, but do not know how to pick the right one or even know where to get it. So I decided to share the growing list of places where you can get good quality mezcals in San Francisco (retail).


These are the ones we know about, but feel free to post any other retail stores you know, salud!