Tequila’s Origin

Mayahuel was the fertility goddess and she was represented as the goddess with four hundred breasts. Quetzalcoatl ‘the feathered serpent’ fell in love with her and brought her down to earth to live with him. Tzintzimitl was Mayahuel’s grandmother and evil goddess; she did not approve this so she went looking for them until she killed Mayahuel.

Quetzalcoatl was so mad that flew back to the sky to take revenge and killed Tzintzimitl. He cried his lover’s death after every night on her grave. Other gods saw this and decided to grow a plant in her burial site. This plant would have hallucinogenic properties so he could drink the elixir from it and comfort his soul.

The legend says that some natives from Jalisco were hiding from a lightning storm inside a cave when a lightning stroke an agave plant cutting it in half and cooking it for them to try it. They later tried their fermented juices and noticed a personality change attributed as a gift from the gods.


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